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Lynne Wargo: My interest in fused glass evolved from many years of working with clay. I started taking classes in pottery over 50 years ago, and that interest has continued off and on ever since. I participated in a fused glass workshop about 15 years ago, and since then, working in fused glass has become my favorite art form. I primarily make functional items that feature colors and/or textures. I produce my glass creations in my unfinished basement “studio”. I have been associated with the Lakewood Arts Council Co-Op Gallery since 2010, and am a member of the Glass Artists of Colorado and the Majestic Gallery in Idaho Springs. I also have an Etsy shop where I have been selling my glass for several years.


Cheryl Adams

Inspiration is a time of walking with my muse, and capturing the moment, sharing its story through the universal language of visual arts.


Carol Broere

“It is a great privilege to be an Artist. The greatest privilege of being an Artist is to choose the subjects that most appeal to me.”


Charlie Casper

Owner of Lakewood Graphic Arts. His true passion for the fine arts enables him to continue creating in various mediums. Charlie has won many awards for his stylish computer enhanced photography and digitized art.


40 West Artist Directory


Joan Eger

“I am inspired by the spontaneity of experiences and the people I meet.”


Dan Goble

Dan Goble evolved his love of drawing as a child to include a three year stint in studio art typically using charcoal as his favorite medium. It wasn't until six months ago that he picked up a paint brush on a dare from a friend!


Anna Kogler

Acrylic artist in the abstract style with and some realism.


Sarah Marcus

“At Sarah Marcus Studio I create one of a kind, colorful and cheerful mixed media jewelry sure to make a statement when worn. My designs are vintage inspired with an added artful touch in hand created beads, metal components, findings and finishes.



Mary Runkles

Artist and ceramicist from Arvada.


Leo Sailas

Fascinating. Brilliant. Creative. Foolish. We humans are a reflection of these qualities and a plethora of others. My work seeks to isolate and examine the human condition, as well as provide the viewer with a thought provoking experience into ones inner self. I find that this is best done by exposing the most intimate nature Of humanity, and in contrast the carnal qualities within us all.



Reno Unger

“I am a retired university professor in Berks Co., Pennsylvania. I get to travel a bit in my newly-discovered free time and love nothing more than visiting an exotic (to me) location with time on my hands to spend with my camera.”



J Bisant

J has been involved in glass since 1975. She started with stained glass and moved very quickly on to sandblasting.


Ron Cable

Photographer extraordinaire.


Robyn Cochran Ragland

“Expanding my view to create an ideal of the figure that is appealing and colorful. I strive to perfect the mood of the pose while conscientiously trying to create a well-designed work of graphic art.”


40 West Artist Directory

Firmin Art1.jpeg

Gail Firmin

“Sharing the joy of the creative process has been my goal in volunteering as an art mentor and teaching art classes for adults for the past 13 years. I strive for a semblance of realism in my watercolors, while having fun with the properties of different pigments and techniques.”


40 West Artist Directory

Harris ParadiseValley.jpg

Linda Harris

“I chose pastels because they can be completed quickly and their vibrant colors. I chose the subject matter because God is the ultimate artist and I wish to capture the beauty that He has created.”


Lynnette Kupferer

“Always an artist I have won awards and work in mosaic, colored pencil, acrylic, pen and ink, pastels etc. My current passions are colored pencil - so clean, neat, can mimic other media - and mosaic a unique original glass media with gorgeous colors, now combined with found objects.”


Olivia Maruoka

My husband introduced me to leather craft and since I grew up in Argentina, leather became a natural media to express myself. My heritage is an impossible balance of vastly different cultures but as I get older, I feel more connected with my Japanese self.


Bitgood Art.jpg

Leslie Anne Bitgood

“The day I turned on a torch for the first time, melted glass onto a mandrel and made my first wonky beads. I knew at that point I was addicted!”


40 West Artist Directory


Rolina Carter

"Stones, carefully selected for their beautiful color, texture or patterns, set in handcrafted designs of sterling silver, creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry. For people who don't want to follow the crowd."


Kristi Czajkowski

Graduate of School of Botanical Art and Illustration at Denver Botanic Gardens. “I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of art and science. When drawing botanical art there is a good deal of research before pencil hits paper.” She is also our President.


Lily Gauthier

Artist and calligrapher.



Ilona Hiebert

“Through my art, I hope to give enjoyment to others while nourishing my own soul.”

Dorothy Lessem

I started specializing in miniature sized canvasses in recent years. I really enjoy the ability to express myself more quickly and move on to a new subject that I may have never done before. Art is my "therapy," enabling me to focus, grow, and express my inner joy of life.



Viv Prince

I am an abstract artist using unconventional techniques to express myself in free form. I work mostly in acrylics and photography, but I love all of the arts. I also play guitar and native American flute, and make pottery.



Annette Sapp

“The feel of a rock under my hands grounds me and and draws me into the ancient tale of it’s formation many millions of years ago. My sculpture is a captured moment of motion, and satisfies a yearning deep inside to connect with life.” She is also our Gallery Manager.


SL Van Dam

“Color: bright, bold and pure, simple shapes, the laws of physics, and the beauty of nature combine to produce results that are unpredictable. My inspiration comes from the natural world and my own imagination.”



Becki Whittington

“Mosaics have been a part of my life's expression since I experienced putting my first story into art form. Mosaics, as an art medium, embraces various types of texture, shape, and color that can move from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional appearance.”



Donna Sorensen

I began drawing and creating as a child and won numerous awards and national recognition for my talent in school. In college I pursued a formal architecture degree from the University of Colorado. Recently, however, the pull back to my original roots of fine art has taken place. I enjoy working in oil and watercolor, but have focused my attention on pastels. My pastel paintings have appeared in and received awards in several local shows. My passion is for painting landscapes, botanicals, wild creatures, and still-lifes.

Wargo OblongBowl.jpg

Lynne Wargo

"I have always enjoyed creating things that are aesthetically pleasing. I like the colors and natural patterns that can be utilized in fused glass objects."