Lakewood Arts

About Us

The Lakewood Arts Council, started in 1988, is Lakewood’s oldest art organization. We encompass all the arts and ask you to join us in continuing our mission by supporting our vision: cultivating and celebrating community arts.  That simple statement encompasses so much. We want to see Lakewood grow into a vibrant art district, encourage creativity, beautify the area and hold events that draw attention to that beauty by:

+ Increasing awareness to all of the arts in Lakewood and the surrounding community 
+ Supporting and performing Outreach Programs
+ Making available an art space for all to work in
+Having an available space for recitals, works of music, poetry and movement
+ Having affordable classes taught by our Co-Op Artists
+ Showcasing artist with the gallery
+ Supporting those in their passion for the creation of art

As Lakewood expands, like all of Colorado, keeping the oldest art organization in Lakewood-The Lakewood Arts Council-viable is our goal.  We ask that you join us in supporting the community by bringing the creation of art to those that need an outlet. Silent voices that are heard with the eyes or music that transcends the notes that are played. We are here and want to enrich community life with the power that is in all of us.  


"Great space, great people. I’m proud to associate and work with this fun and supportive group."

— Robyn Cochran Ragland, Co-Op Artist Member